Substitution service for exam application and license issuance application


Kinki Area

ExaminationPhysical examWritten examTechnical examRegistration taxcommissionPostage costsTotal
First Class(New)3,4506,60018,9002,0004,00050035,450
First Class(Promotion)3,4506,600-2,0004,00050016,550
Second class3,4503,55018,9001,8004,00050032,200
PWC class3,4502,90016,4001,5004,00050028,750

Other Areas

ExaminationPhysical examWritten examTechnical examRegistration taxcommissionPostage costsTotal
First Class(New)3,4506,60018,9002,0004,0001,60036,550
First Class(Promotion)3,4506,600-2,0004,0001,60017,650
Second class3,4503,55018,9001,8004,0001,60033,300
PWC class3,4502,90016,4001,5004,0001,60029,850
Tokyo/Nagoya/Naha etc


  1. Prepare a your Japanese resident card(Juminhyo) with nationality.
  2. Fill out the application form according to the Juminhyo and send it.
  3. Post your Juminhyo and other required documents so that we can receive them two weeks before the exam date.
  4. We will send Paypal’s payment email to you upon receipt of your documents.Please make payment by deadline.

 icon-exclamation-circle Notes

  1. If your documents do not reach us by the deadline, this agreement will be automatically canceled.
  2. If your documents arrive late, we can not apply. Therefore we do not send payment e-mails. Also, documents that arrive can not be returned to you.
  3. We will not apply if we receive incomplete documents.Please note the nationality and the deadline of the Juminhyo. In addition, a practical exam consent form is required for the PWC.
  4. We will not apply if you do not settlement by the deadline. Also, documents will not be returned to you.

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