Required documents

 icon-check Certified copy of certificate of residence(”Juminhyo”)
(It must show your nationality

Obtain it at the city hall or at a convenience store using your “my number card”.
It is not necessary to include your personal number.

 icon-info-circle Acquisition within 1 year,It is stamped with a complete seal of the head of the administration.

Send the image from here

An actual ”Juminhyo” is required for the issuance of a license after passing the exam.
Please mail it to us later or give it to your teacher.

  Two ID photo

Without a hat and no background
Write your name and date of birth on the reverse side

icon-circle-oNo hat, no background
icon-circle-oWithin six months shooting
icon-circle-oPlease write your name and date of birth on the back.
No good

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  Examination Application Power of Attorney

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  Power of Attorney for License Application

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  You can download them below. Or we send them to you later if you need.

The documents required by the case

  Copy of your Boat’s operator’s license

If you have it.

If there is no change in the address, name, or other information on your license, a certified copy of the resident certificate is not required.
If there are any changes, please submit a certified copy of the certificate of residence as well.

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Please ask if you have any problem with the body function, and the like.

Example:disability,brain disease,heart disease,mental disorder,eye diseas